Stay Warm This Winter With EcoNour Car Accessories

Find the best and most durable winter car accessories for your vehicle. We have a wide selection for all you winter car safety needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is EcoNour Windshield Snow Cover is Durable?

Our covers are made out of tough 600D Oxford material with a soft PVC bottom layer that facilitates superior snow protection for your windshield.

Can the EcoNour Windshield Snow Cover, withstand strong wind?

The dual mount straps, PVC insulated bottom layer, and dual side flaps, our car snow cover fits secure without getting slipped or blown away, even in the roughest winds.

Does the EcoNour Windshield Snow Cover covers the entire Car Windshield?

With its 74-inch length and 43-inch height, our snow windshield cover will fill the front windshield from end to end on most large vehicles..

What are the Windshield Snow Cover sizes available?

It's also available in two sizes to fit most SUVs, Vans, and Trucks.

Standard Size - 69-inch length and 42-inch height

XL Size - 74-inch length and 43-inch height,

Does the EcoNour Snow Brush remove the Ice and hard snow?

EcoNour Brush is made out of an aluminum body with durable thick plastic that is perfect for removing the ice and snow off.

Does the EcoNour Snow Brush will damage your vechile windshield?

Our snow cleaner for car is made out of PVC bristles which are sturdy and soft at the base, so they won’t damage your car’s windshield and provide trouble-free snow clearing.

Does the EcoNour Ice Scraper Mitt protect your hands from Ice?

EcoNour snow remover for car is made of Oxford material with a soft inner lining specially designed to keep your hand warm while removing the snow from the car windshield.

Will the EcoNour Ice Scrapper Mitt holds your hand while scraping the ice?

Our car ice scraper mitt has an elastic waistband so it won't fall off while scraping. The handle is easy to hold while removing snow. Fits your wrist perfectly.

  • Mary

    Very easy to install and I love it, the material is very durable and waterproof. Its perfect if you work long hours and are expecting a snow storm while youre at work that way you can just come out and not have to worry about defrosting and everything else. It lasted me this winter and I will continue to use.

  • Kerry

    The material was super strong and even when the windshield was wet and ice formed, the shield was still easily removable.  It did NOT freeze onto the glass.  The elastic didn't really work as intended but I found that if I simply tucked the loops into the car door along with the ear flaps, it secured the product perfectly.

  • Alex

    Great product! I had another before this one that was made different and i still had ice form under it but this one doesn't! It's nice and heavy so it won't blow away or move and it makes sure no ice is on the windshield! Definitely going to buy one for the rear window. Quick and lazy cleaning of Colorado snow!

  • Charles Butler

    I am so glad I got this for my truck.  Fall is here and leaves are falling and it's been raining, and soon to be snowing.  It rained yesterday and needed to go the store after it rain.  I went out and it was so easy to remove from my windshield, no water spots, no damage to the windshield. 

  • RM Sun

    The XL size was a perfect fit for my F150 and is just right to be snug on the windshield and not allow any frost to form beneath the cover.  I would highly recommend this product to anyone who is looking to save themselves some time and cold hands in the morning!

  • Michael R. Wardle

    I layed this over the windshield when snow was predicted. The next morning, under 3-5 inches of snow, I opened the doors to unhook the cover, folded it over and removed it. The windshield was clear, I was able to drive with a clear window, snow and fog free.