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Car Cup Holder Expander with Phone Holder Water Bottles, Mugs - EcoNour

Car Cup Holder Expander with Phone Holder Water Bottles, Mugs - EcoNour

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Are you looking for your cell phone under your car seats?

Looking for something to hold your coffee mugs, flasks, and mobile phones?


EcoNour Car Cup Holder Expander is made out of ABS plastic which is compatible with all types of water bottles, coffee and travel mugs, and other large bottles up to 3.6 inches in diameter.

Additionally, this water bottle holder comes with a mobile phone holder that helps you to organize your mobile phone with ease while you are on travel!

Car Cup Holder Expander with Phone Holder Fits Most 32/40 oz Large Water Bottles, Mugs, and Big Drinks

  • Compatible Car Cup Holder: EcoNour Cup Holder Extender for Car is made from ABS plastic, which is durable, and holds cups, bottles, and beverages in place. This cup holder fits most 20 oz - 40 oz water bottles. It works well with bottles/cups upto 3.6" in diameter.
  • Expandable Base: Our bottle holder with an expandable base can be adjusted between 2.6 inches to 3.9 inches in order to fit various types of vehicles, including trucks, RVs, and cars.
  • Two-in-One Features: EcoNour Car Phone Mount Cup Holder serves the dual function of being a cup holder that does not rattle and holds your drinks securely in place and a mobile phone holder that prevents your phone from slipping around.
  • “U”- Shaped Cutout: With this “U” shaped design, cups or mugs with external handles can easily fit in this car cup holder without spilling. Must have car travel accessories for long trips.
  • Effortless Installation: Simply insert the coffee mug holder adapter into the original cup holder and turn it clockwise. The elasticity tab on the top holds the bottle preventing it from shaking and causing tipping or spilling. Especially suitable for cars with circular cup holders.
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