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Snow Shovel and Snow Brush for Car - EcoNour

Snow Shovel and Snow Brush for Car - EcoNour

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  • Snow Shovel for Car: EcoNour’s Ice Shovel for Car and Snow Brush with Squeegee is specially designed to remove the ice, snow, and frost in your car. The squeegee helps to wipe away the left-out moisture in your windshield. The ice scraper for car is made of an aluminum body with ABS plastic material which ensures longevity.
  • Essential Attributes of Snow Remover: The snow brush comes with a detachable snow shovel that can help in removing the ice that is piled up near your tires. The shovel comes with a handle with a firm grip, which is detachable. This squeegee brush features a pivoting head that can provide you with 270-degree pivoting with 7 altering angles.
  • Extendable Squeegee Ice Scraper: EcoNour’s squeegee brush for car windshield can be extended for 2 adjustments upto 37 inches. You can adjust the pole to extend the length of the brush with the help of a push button. This extendable pole is designed with quick lock technology and can reach all corners of the windshield and high roofs.
  • Multi Usage Winter Accessory: The ice scraper & snow shovel for car is made of chiseled blades that can break the thick ice and scrape it away. You can either use the scraper along with the brush or detach the scraper from the snow brush by pressing the firm push button to use the scraper separately. This helps to reduce the energy and time consumption for cleaning.
  • Durable and Sturdy Brush for Winter: EcoNour’s squeegee pivoting brush for car windshield is designed to have a comfortable handle with a firm grip that can support you with non-slip back and forth movement while removing the ice, snow, and frost.

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