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EcoNour Rear Snow Cover

EcoNour Rear Snow Cover

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Wind protection elastic straps:

EcoNour Rear Windshield snow cover use to Place the elastic straps over the wheel rim which helps the rear window snow cover to stay in place even during heavy winds and in heavy snow conditions.

EcoNour Windshield Cover for Ice and Snow | Enhanced 600D Oxford Fabric Windshield Frost Cover for Any Weather | Water, Heat & Sag-Proof Car Windshield Snow Cover


Make life easier without scrapping

  •  Protects your rear windshield and eliminates the need to scrape off the ice during chilly mornings.
  • The flaps in the door won't leave any gaps and you won't have any leaks from the snowmelt or rain
  • Prevents the formation of ice on the screen

The Anti-Theft Bulgy region present in the side flaps will give you a secured feel design with no one can steal the snow cover and also prevent the cover from being blown away by strong wind. It is an added exclusive secured design.

Without sticking to the windshield, EcoNour Rear snow cover can peel off easily and no water drops or ice doesn’t form in between the layer of windshield and snow cover. You can get a crystal clear windshield.

EcoNour Rear Snow cover package includes a compact storage bag. Our rear window snow cover can easily fold and insert into the pouch. With the presence of the snap button in the pouch, it can lock and Can be kept easily everywhere in your map pocket, center console, dashboard, trunk, or anywhere in your car

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