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Reindeer Antlers & Nose for Christmas Car Decoration 1 Pack -EcoNour

Reindeer Antlers & Nose for Christmas Car Decoration 1 Pack -EcoNour

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  • Car Decor for Christmas: EcoNour’s Reindeer Antlers for the car is specially designed for Christmas that can help to decorate your car and home with Reindeer vibes to spread positivity. These Reindeer Antlers can be used indoors and outdoors.
  • Reindeer for Automotive: The car antlers are made of soft cloth and sponge stuffing's that can be lightweight to carry. The antlers for Christmas come with a plastic clip on the bottom of the Reindeer for clipping it to your car windows easily.
  • Antlers with Red Nose: The Christmas Reindeers for car comes with bells and a round nose. You can easily tie this nose to your car with the help of the wire that is attached to the backside of the nose. The wire is durable and does not cause any damage to the nose.
  • Area of Usage: Reindeer Antlers for cars can be used in multiple ways. You can use it in your car, decor your home and office for spreading Christmas joy, and decorate your Christmas tree with Reindeer Antlers. You can use it to decorate your kids with the Reindeer Antlers and Red Nose.
  • Universal Compatibility: EcoNour’s Car Antlers for Christmas are suitable for all vehicles. For installation, roll down the windows and mount the plastic clip onto the window and roll up the window, tie the Rudolph nose to your car’s grille with the help of the durable wire.

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