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Snow Cover Windshield and Roof for Protect Cars (Sedan 3XL) - EcoNour

Snow Cover Windshield and Roof for Protect Cars (Sedan 3XL) - EcoNour

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Imagine yourselves getting ready on a busy winter morning. Cleaning up piles of snow can take a toll on your mood. Also, all the scraping and cleaning up can cause cold hands and frostbitten fingers. We have a complete and ideal resolution to all these miseries.

 "EcoNour's Windshield Snow Cover"

From hails to blizzards, EcoNour's snow cover for cars completely eradicates the need to scrape the frost and snow piles off your windshields. Just spread the cover and remove it for smooth and crystal-clear windshields in seconds!

  • All Weather Protection Cover: EcoNour Half Car Snow Cover protects your car from frosts, hail, blizzards, sleet, and even snowstorms!
  • Durable Triple-Layer Material: Our winter half car cover is made of durable triple-layer material that will not cause any damage to your car. Double reflective stripes on the side mirrors can be seen clearly at night, ensuring the safety of passengers.
  • Complete Coverage: EcoNour car snow cover front and back measures 185 x 205 inches that offer complete protection for the front and rear windshields, side windows, sunroof, and side mirrors.
  • Say Goodbye to Scraping: It's time to say goodbye to scraping snow and frostbitten hands. Our half exterior outdoor cover protects your car against ice, frost, snow, sun, and UV rays.
  • No Hook Design: These nylon straps help the cover stay in place, preventing harsh winds. Tie both the straps to the car’s wheel hub on all four sides, which prevents the windshield outside cover from being blown away by heavy wind.

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