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Windshield Snow Cover for Class C RV Ford (1997-2022) Windshield & Side Window with Mirror Cut-outs - EcoNour

Windshield Snow Cover for Class C RV Ford (1997-2022) Windshield & Side Window with Mirror Cut-outs - EcoNour

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Are you struggling to make your winter mornings struggle-free by getting rid of snow, ice, and frost? Then you have landed on the right destination. EcoNour has come up with a solution by introducing the windshield snow cover for Ford E450! You can make use of this EcoNour's RV snow cover during the winter season and protect your vehicle in a simple way. This can reduce the hassle that you face every morning! So no more scraping the snow, ice, and frost!

  • Windshield Cover for Ford E450: EcoNour’s windshield cover for Ford E450 can be helpful in protecting your vehicle from heat accumulation and also can be used to protect the windshield from snow, ice and frost. Also, this RV cover is made of 4 layers to reflect back the heat and UV rays.
  • Snow Cover for Winter: EcoNour’s snow cover is specially designed for RV Ford E450 that comes with a side mirror cut out and fasteners for easy installation. The windshield cover for summer comes with fasteners that can help you to keep the windshield protected without giving you any space for the sun and the snow.
  • Windproof Windshield Cover: The windshield cover for Ford E450 features to have in-built magnets that are placed in both corners to keep the snow cover fixed in one place without blowing in the heavy wind. These windshield covers with magnets can help in giving you end-to-end coverage for your RV.
  • Perfectly Fits your Ford E450: EcoNour’s RV cover comes in the height of 32 inches, and the length of 80 inches that is wide and gives you end-to-end coverage that can protect both the windshield and the side window mirror. This snow cover comes with a pouch bag for compact storage while not using it.
  • Ultimate Protection for RV: This windshield cover for summer is designed to have wide coverage that can cover the side window also. You can protect the interior of the RV, reduce the heat accumulation inside your RV in summer and protect your windshield in winter from snow, ice and frost.

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