Warranty Terms & Conditions

Our warranty policy is designed to ensure customer satisfaction. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can request a warranty claim within a certain timeframe.


EcoNour Warranty Policy

  1. All our products are sold with a standard warranty against defects only. Warranty Charts Lited Below.
  2. Natural wear and tear, de-colorization of fabric, damage of the product, misused and abused, the product was mishandled, used or stored in unusual conditions, are not covered by the standard warranty.
  3. Goods that are not used for their designed purpose will not be covered
  4. Warranty is valid to its original purchaser and not transferable
  5. A warranty claim must be accompanied by our Tax Invoice or valid proof of purchase with sufficient info that can track the original order.
  6. Warranty does not cover indirect and consequential losses whatsoever. The maximum value covered shall not more than the original purchase value.
  7. Warranty void if the product has been modified, accidental, or intentionally damage.
  8. Damage done by natural disasters and incidents out of our control will not be covered under warranty

Warranty Claim Process

  1. Warranty claim via email with photos showing the defects
  2. An evaluation report will be provided within 30 days base on the information provided. If the evaluation cannot be done with supplied photos, a return of goods is required to further examine the problem.
  3. If the problem is found to be a quality issue, a replacement will be dispatched or a refund will be made on the warranty period.

Buy with confidence! 


EcoNour guarantees customer satisfaction with their purchase. Customers who receive defective products can apply for a return, refund, or replacement application directly on our website on the Contact Us Page.


All our products come with a 30-day return Policy and EcoNour will stand behind our products and provide a straightforward warranty. Please refer to the chart below for the warranty periods of our various products:



Windshield Sunshade 1 Year
Umbrella Sunshade 6 Months
Window Shades 6 Months
Visor Accessories 6 Months
Car Organizers 6 Months
Trash Cans 6 Months
Snow Brush & Scraper 6 Months
Snow Covers 6 Months
Rear Covers 6 Months
Button Rings 6 Months
Tire Accessories 6 Months
Coasters 6 Months
Cup Holders 6 Months
Mirror Covers 6 Months
Headrest Hook 6 Months
Steering Desk 6 Months
Baby Mirror 6 Months
Baby Seat Cover 6 Months
Seat Cover 6 Months